Kirsti Pilates To You (KPTY)


Kirsti Pilates To You (KPTY) is a mobile Pilates service in Bayside, Melbourne.

If you want to commit to Pilates but maybe you’re a stay at home parent/parent-to-be, working long hours or strange hours, prefer the comfort of your own space or just generally like the convenience of not having to leave your house, then Kirsti Pilates To You is for you!

KPTY works with clients of all ages and fitness levels, muscle tightness, injuries, pregnancy, postnatal and no previous Pilates experience is required.


KPTY supplies all manner of small equipment and props. Mats, small balls, large balls, magic circles, therabands, foam rollers, and whatever else is useful and relevant to your workout. KPTY regularly gets clients performing exercises on the wall, off the wall, the couch (and cushions), door frames as well as incorporating the odd broomstick or mop!

An APEA certified Pilates instructor with over 7 years experience. Active member of the Pilates Alliance Australia and registered with the health insurance industry, and if you have Pilates in your coverage then you can claim back using Kirsti Pilates To You provider number*.

* Please note that conditions may apply as set by your level of cover with the Insurance Provider. Please check with your Insurance Provider for further details.